Toke Makinwa Says She’s Not Your Sis In Latest Video

Toke Makinwa

OAP Toke Makinwa has released a new video in which she talks about familiarity between people who don’t know each other well.

Toke Makinwa does these vlog series in which she talks on various topics usually about relationships and the intricate systems that exist withing them, so this particular video was a little different from the norm.

In it she was of the opinion that if you don’t know someone very well, you should refrain from using endearments with them. In this case, endearments are terms such as ‘Sweetheart’, ‘dear’, ‘darling’. It is not uncommon to find someone calling someone they don’t know well with an endearment especially on social media.

Toke Makinwa feels this is rude and that people should stick to natural conventions such as ‘Hello’ and ‘Good Afternoon’.

She joked that she only wants to be known as TM. She revealed that she’s 35 and is older than a lot of people which makes the use of the term ‘Dear’ from such people even more infuriating.

She defended herself saying that she wasn’t being ‘Old Skool’ but rather was just talking about what should be a common courtesy.

Should you be overly familiar with someone whom you just met? Probably not. It is likely the case of endearments is a little bit more nuanced. Sometimes, using endearments can set another person at ease. However, to be on the safe side, it might be in your best interest to not use endearments and keep things as professional as possible.

Toke Makinwa also had some words for those who use the term ‘Sis’ also advising people to refrain from using that with her as she is no one’s sis.

You can check out her full video below.

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