Toke Makinwa: How Girls Are Becoming Slaves Because of Their Boyfriend’s Mothers

Toke Makinwa

On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa has released another vlog where she talks about how many girls are becoming slaves to their boyfriends’ mother.

Toke Makinwa is something of a relationship expert and she has a vlog series where she talks about all things relationship, especially to girls, advising and guiding them on what to do in relationships.

In this one, she followed a thread in which she was on last episode and talked to girls who feel that their way ‘in’ to a man’s heart is through his family or mother.

These girls therefore throw themselves into the man’s family doing all they can to gain favour with the mother in the hopes that this in turn would mean that they gain the favour of the son they’re dating.

According to Toke, this is a bad move and many girls have found themselves unwittingly become slaves to the family of their boyfriends.

She noted that while you might get along with the family, this doesn’t guarantee  anything as the family will always back the boy in anything regarding a relationship.

She narrated her experience while dating a guy whom she called a mama’s boy and she said it wasn’t until her aunt heard some of the names the boy’s mother called her that she realized that she wasn’t even really liked by the woman.

Toke Makinwa also took jabs at the mothers who indulge their sons and told them not to be encouraging of their son’s womanizing behavior. She also said she has stopped asking her nephew if he has multiple girlfriends so as not to encourage the thought in his head.

She admonished mothers and told them to also understand as they were once girls too and that they should do better with their sons.

You can check out the video on her YouTube channel below.

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