Toke Makinwa gushes over her train ride from Abuja to Kaduna

Toke Makinwa

On air personality Toke Makinwa, had only good things to say about the Abuja to Kaduna rail line which she experienced for the first time recently.

The Abuja to Kaduna rail line has generated a lot of debate especially about who masterminded it. President Muhammadu Buhari has on a number of occasions taken credit for the rail line and has been quickly rebuffed by political opponents who claim that it was originally a PDP project that APC just came to complete and take credit for.

Whoever conceived it, what matters most is that it can be used by Nigerians and it is helping offset the security concerns about traveling by road to Kaduna.

This is not to say it is not without problems with a Daily Trust report claiming that racketeering, touting and price inflation are very real problems at the train stations, but Toke Makinwa stated on her social media that she had a very positive experience riding the train to Kaduna.

Toke took to her Instagram to post about the train, captioning it thus: “My first train ride in Nigeria ??. Such an adventure ? the train from Abuja to Kaduna could easily rival the Eurostar.

“Fully air-conditioned, clean, on time and the chairs are comfortable too. The executive cabin is divine but I decided to ride coach for the experience. There’s a fully fitted bar with light refreshments and lunch too.

“I’m so impressed. You can try it with your friends too. Well done to the Nigerian rail way corporation, we need this in the south too. If there were fully functioning trains people will live in their villages (myself included) and only come to the city for work which will reduce the traffic (in my opinion).”

She of course also graced us with a few photos in the process… we have no complaints


have you ever been on a train ride in Nigeria? What was your experience like?

Tell us in the comment section.

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