Toke Makinwa Details Four Ways To Spot A Scammer In A Relationship

In ancient times, before a couple gets together, both families would have done proper background findings about the prospective lovers, to ensure the safety of their children.

These days, anything goes because we are trying to be secretive about who we are seeing, and end up being with scammers and fraudsters living fake lives.

For this reason, popular media personality, Toke Makinwa – on the latest episode of her vlog, Toke Moments, has detailed four ways to spot a scammer in a relationship.

They are;

  1. You can’t date someone that you don’t know someone that knows him/her, meaning someone somewhere either close relation or distance should know someone that knows him one way or another. As ladies, never be shy to ask questions and stop being secretive, no one is trying to take him away from you (i.e if he’s supposed to be yours).
  2. Guys might say nice things to you when they meet you, ask them about it a few months later, “If you find some discrepancy in what they told you” WATCH OUT!!!
  3. If they are very vague about things they shouldn’t be vague about, be careful.
  4. If he barks like a dog, sniffs around like a dog, my sister he’s not a pig but a dog. Meaning, do not ignore your intuition or ignore some certain signs as little as it might be.

Watch the video below;





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