Tiwa Savage Speaks On Her Collaboration With Beyonce On The Gift Album

The Nigerian talented singer, Tiwa Savage, has shown so much excitment at the rare opportunity to have a collaboration with Queen Bee herself , Beyonce. The album features six(6) Nigerian artistes from, Burna Boy to Mr.Eazi, Tekno, Yemi Alade, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage. Beyonce who did not hold back on the reason(s) why she decided to work with these artistes, said that she wanted to ensure she worked with the best from Africa and not just simple sounds from Africa…..This simply means, the above mentioned Nigerian Artistes are not regular but the best!!

The album, has so far received various commendations but not without criticism too. Singer Tiwa Savage who still feels like its so surreal and waiting to wake up from her day dream, took to her instagram page to appreciate the opportunity given to her as her voice, sound and music has now gone to a much larger audience.

Tiwa Savage who posted a part of her song which she did with Mr.Eazi said; “Where do o start from with this album. I’ve never been more proud to be a brown skin girl just like I’m so honored to be a mother to a King. My baby Jamil will be 4 in few days and I realized that I gave birth to a KING. Mufassa had to remind Simba that he is a son of a King, that’s the message of this beautiful song. It is dedicated to African Men and all Men of African descent. Other Kings are being killed and some, jailed without justice.”

“Yes, I know this is a movie that shaped a lot of our childhood and we really didn’t sew the true message behind it but I believe this soundtrack is a celebration and reminder of who we are.”

She continued, saying that; “I pray you are blessed while you listen to this song. You’ve been hurt too long and we appreciate you, African Kings. You are royalty. Omo oba ma gba gbe, run ti omo Baba re (Son of a king, don’t you EVER forget) You are the king to your Kingdom.Lion King.”

This is a new phase for African musicians especially Nigerians who has the highest number of artistes on this collaboration. The upcoming acts will have to sit down and go back to the drawing board, and try as much as possible to reach international standard and possibly in the future, they can collaborate with who they have always looked up to……Hard work truly pays!!

African sounds to the world!!!!! Weldone guys.

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