Three Things We Learned From Big Brother Nigeria’s Polygraph Test

Big Brother Nigeria
Big Brother Nigeria

So the Polygraph test undertaken by members of the cast of the last Big Brother Nigeria has been all the rage and from the responses, we learned a couple of things.

1) Tobi Got Close to Alex to Pepper Cee-C

So, if the Polygraph test is to be believed, Tobi who spent a huge chunk of the show, trying to woo Cee-C, actually got close to Alex in a bid to spite her. Recall that the two shared a rather interesting relationship in the Big Brother Nigeria house playing the ‘will they, won’t they’ game really well. So…err… it seemed Tobi’s closeness to Alex had ulterior motives


2) Alex Was Never Really Over Leo

So, Alex and Leo were the fun loving couple on the show before Leo had to exit the show after being evicted. After he was gone, Alex ‘moved on’ with Tobi, a relationship that more or less continued after the house. When asked who she liked in Leo and Tobi, she went of the latter, but brother Polygraph laid some doubt on this claim as it showed that she was perhaps not as over Leo as she was letting on.

Alex did say that she was feeling stressed having to answer questions with the Polygraph and that this might have gone some way in explaining why her answer seemed untruthful.




3) Anheeka Thinks Big Brother Nigeria Was a Waste of Time

This caused quite a reaction. Anheeka was asked on the lie detector test if she felt that the show was a waste of time. She responded that she didn’t, however, the polygraph said she was lying about this. So were these really her thoughts? People seemed to disagree, while others just reveled in the drama.


Do you think the polygraph was necessary? Or was it just Big Brother Nigeria coming up with more reasons to rile up the populace?


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