‘This Is Korie’: A Glimpse Into The Heart Of An Artist


Of the many, many promising artistes that litter the Nigerian landscape and Social media, Korie has a uniqueness that allows her to stand out.

Kindness Okorie, which is her real name, was born on the. 13th of June, 1998 in Lagos. Her stage name, which is an amalgamation of the first letter of her name and her surname is one that is soon to be known and with good reason.

Born and bred in Lagos, the singer, songwriter, guitarist, performing and recording artist approaches music with a fierce passion that is distinct in the songs she sings. The subtle energy she brings to each song draws from a well of emotion given life and expression from her experiences.


Korie credits music as being her haven, the medium of expression that has been present since childhood and has been with her through every major phase of life.

Her new EP, ‘This is Korie’ is a window through which we experience the artiste through the eyes of the person who knows her the most– herself.

The 5 track EP, is a love letter to her dear friend music. It’s also a means of connecting with an audience that is growing slowly but surely.

The EP opens with “FEAR” which is an inspirational song that meant to encourage the despairing. It’s a call out to face our fears and keep onward despite everything going on around.

In “FOE” Korie talks about the most dangerous type of enemy– the frenemy. Or as she calls it, the ‘friendnemy’

“MY LOVE WILL FIND YOU” pays homage to the concept of passion. While she talks about the love for music here, the listener is encouraged to have the same feeling towards whatever fuels their passion. According to the singer herself, “I talk about my pursuit for music as the love a Romeo (a man) has for a Juliet (a woman), with the promise that my love will find my Juliet wherever she is”

In a world of desperate self-righteousness and an aversion for self-improvement, her fourth track, “CHANGE ME”, is a message about resolutions. In it, Korie admits that she isn’t who she wants to be, but takes courage in her ability to strive to become better daily. She wants her friends and supporters to have the same sentiment , because true change starts with you.

The EP closes out with “IFE”. It’s a song about unrequited love. It’s a feeling most people are familiar with and resonates with the listener. We’ve all had that one crush that had no idea that we exist and the pain that comes from that.

Korie is ambitious and has expressed a desire to perform with Tori Kelly. Within the Nigerian space she has her eye on ASA and Johnny Drille.

Her message of seeing challenges as an opportunity to grow stronger shines through in this EP and is a poignant message to a generation that currently has an unhealthy relationship with challenges.

You can listen to Korie’s latest EP here.

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