Things to know About Starting a New Skincare Routine

Whenever people ask me why or how my skin looks so beautiful and feels so soft and I tell them that asides having skincare products, great genes and eating right, I also have a skincare routine that I’m consistent with, they look at me like I have two heads. I have come to realize that most times people don’t want to “walk the walk” they just want overnight magic.


Today I’d like to share a basic skincare routine for beginners or people who have been getting it wrong in this skincare business.


1. Know Your Skin Type: This helps you to know the best products for your skin because using the wrong products on your skin is disastrous.

2. Ditch Soaps and Start Using Facial Cleansers: Soaps tend to dry out your skin and upset the pH of your skin.

3. Be careful with “organic” products: while organic products are nice and all of that, some of them can be harmful to your skin especially your facial skin. for example, using a blend of sugar and lemon on your face is not safe. Please note also that everything has chemicals in them as nothing is fully organic in every sense of the word.

4. Quit your “DIY” Recipes: Not everything deserves your DIY recipes, sometimes you need professional help not DIY recipes. Take the example of lemon and sugar as in the previous point, they don’t belong on your face.

5. Stop Touching Your Face: whether you applied products or not, whether you have pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, your hands belong to your sides, not your face. Stop spreading bacteria to your face by constantly touching your face.

6. Don’t use the same towel for your face and body: Get a face towel, your body towel belongs to your body and your face towel belongs to your face.

7. Don’t use sponge on your face: this applies to every skin type, sponges don’t need to be used on your face, that’s why you have to exfoliate.

8. Exfoliate: this cannot be overemphasized, you need to exfoliate your face and body at least twice every week to rid your skin of the dead skin and dirt.

9. Use Facial Toners: Toners help to balance the pH of your skin and are a vital part of skincare.

10. Moisturize: Every individual is usually supposed to moisturize their skin twice daily to avoid breakouts as a result of dryness.

11. Avoid Direct Sunlight: no matter the products you use on your skin, avoiding/minimizing contact with direct sunlight is KEY.

12. Use Sunscreen: This also cannot be overemphasized, you’re doing your skin a great disservice by going out during the day without applying/reapplying sunscreen.


I hope this helps anyone out there, feel free to drop your questions/comments/suggestions on this topic if you have any.

 Photo Credit: All photos are from Google.


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