These Steps Will Get Rid Of His Side Chick Easily

Cheating men and Side chicks

Are you worried perhaps that your precious boyfriend is carrying on with the dreaded side chick? Well, here are a couple of steps on what to do to get rid of her.

  1. Talk About It

Sometimes you’ve just got to take the bull by the horns and deal with it. Now, if your boyfriend has a side chick, there is most likely a reason for it. More often than not, it’s the cheater’s fault, but there is some sort of reasoning behind it. So have a chat with him and get to the root of the problem. Once that is done, you then have a decision to make: stay or go. It’s totally your prerogative.

2. Focus on Your Relationship

You might be a shy person who hates confrontation. If you find yourself in such a situation, then maybe the best thing to do is try and double down on the things that are great in the relationship and try and see if there’s a way to fix some of the things that aren’t going well. It’s entirely possible that the guy is carrying on with someone else because he feels neglected emotionally or some other thing. This of course doesn’t justify his actions, but it does make them easier to wrap your head around. So, fix what you can and see what happens.

3. Occupy Yourself

See, there are different sorts of people in this world. There are some people who would find that their significant other is cheating and would throw a tantrum and make a fuss. There are those, however, who would find that they do not care that much, not because they aren’t hurt by the guy’s actions, but because they just aren’t into relationships that much and don’t find fulfilment through the boyfriend. If you are like this, or you can’t be arsed to leave the relationship, then you could ignore the boy and just focus on your work, your friendships and other things to keep you occupied and your mind off the cheating sleazeball.

4. Snooping Is a No-No

Don’t snoop on your boyfriend if you find that he has a side chick, nothing good really comes out of it. And in a situation where there is no side chick and you are caught, it just strains the relationship unnecessarily.

5. Leave

This is always a very handy option. If you feel you can’t get past the cheating or you feel disrespected, then just walk away. No side chick is worth your sanity.

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