The Truth of The Mercy/Moët & Chandon Saga

Mercy Moet

Winner of Big Brother Nigeria season 4, Mercy Eke was reported to have become an ambassador of alcoholic giants Moët & Chandon.

People were happy for her and she even took to her page to celebrate the moment saying: “@moetchandonMy Newest Family, God Has Done Me Well Beyond My Humble Imaginations, I am So International💵 @cubana_chiefpriest Baddest plug”

The General Manager of Cubana Conglomerate, Paschal Okechukwu, also seemed to confirm the news when he posted this on his social media: “Put Some Respect ✊🏿 To My Name, Am A Living Legend, Am Not Just A Star ⭐️ I Make Stars ✨ Too, #MyOwerri🇳🇬 I Don Deliver, We Double International🌎, Male N Female, I Brought France🇫🇷 Down To #MyOwerri🇳🇬 I No See Road Close Door, Rather I Carry My Sister @official_mercyeke Join Body #MyOwerri🇳🇬 Make Una Clap 👏 For Me, Una Politicians No Do Reach Like This, I Did Put My City On The Map🌎 Oya Call Me EbubeDike !!!!!! Congratulations Lambo🌟 It’s Time We Go Home Aku💰 Ruo Ulo Amara Onye Kpatara Ya”

People were happy for her and all seemed to be well till it was reported that this was possibly a hoax. Paola Audrey in a series of posts seemed to call the appointment of Mercy as an ambassador into question stating that she did not fit the profile of the normal Moët ambassadors.

In an exclusive report on Bellanaija, it seems that Mercy is indeed not an ambassador for the alcoholic giants, but, as told to Bellanaija by an insider, they are happy to support many of her endeavours. For instance, they supplied drinks for her victory party.

With a policy that allows celebrities to take photos in their offices without restriction, one can see how this whole thing blew up.

What we don’t know is the exact nature of the Mercy/Moët  relationship, but with more questions popping up, we are sure to get some answers soon enough.

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