The Truth About My Divorce- Chigul

Chioma Omeruah otherwise known as Chigul has opened up about her divorce to fellow actress Mercy JohnsonMercy Johnson.

The two were on the latter’s cooking show, Mercy’s Menu and together they made Banga rice with coconut milk.

While there, Chigul revealed that naivete was a huge factor in her divorce.

She said: “I think in retrospect, looking back at and thinking about it now, I think I wasn’t prepared as I thought I was, you know you sort of plan your life, you know you say when I finish school, what next? Marriage and then you go along that path and then you get into it and you are like, nobody told me about this path, nobody told me about how difficult it could be. 

Thinking about it now, I’m more matured now and I think if I knew then what I know now, we would probably still be okay. There are so many things that I would have changed.”

Chigul added, “I learned about men and that word called ego and allowing a man to be a man and sort of allowing someone to take charge because that, in my opinion, is literally what they should do.”

Mercy Johnson also shared insights about her own marriage which many people assume is fireproof. She claimed that just like every other marriage it also has it’s ups and downs and that it wasn’t always perfect.

She said: “I am married, for seven years going to eight years now and trust me, it’s not been easy. There are happy times, dancing times and the crying times. The crying times, people are not there to see but the smiles are the ones they get to see,”

It’s nice for celebrities such as Chigul and Mercy Johnson to be transparent with their lives and struggles as this makes them more relatable.

You can watch the show here

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