The Tonto Dikeh Agenda: What is really going on?

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is a beautiful, talented lady who on a normal day can just about do anything she likes, so one has to wonder why the current drama is necessary.

Just yesterday she released a post on Instagram in which she announced that she has a new man and that Nollywood actors and singer must not dare beg him for money or she’ll ‘expose’ them.

But she didn’t stop there, she legit called out names including: 2face and his wife Annie, Eniola Badmus, Ik Ogbonna and a host of others.

Now, who is the mystery man? No idea. There is a conspiracy theory that posits that it could be Bobrisky

Wait, just hear me (or in this case, @Elchiizzy) out.

Bobrisky has successfully infiltrated the life of Tonto Dikeh and the two have become inseparable, but as far as we know, dear old Bob still has a man’s ‘equipment’ and Tonto does seem like a ‘curious’ individual.

On a serious note, however, while this is an unlikely scenario, it is a rather amusing one.

Ever since the actress broke away from her marriage which she claims was a nightmare, she has relentlessly come down hard on her Ex, accusing him of rather unsavory things and while it is entirely possible that they are all true, one also has to wonder about the vehemence of it.

The real thing that sticks out to me, however, is the response she gives anyone that disagrees with her version of things. Now, there are trolls out there that probably deserve every single line of vitriol and abuse that comes their way from the actress, but she hasn’t exactly been nice to those who politely disagree.

Back to the Instagram message from yesterday, while most of the other notable names haven’t responded to the drama, Ik Ogbonna has and the two have had a riveting back and forth,

Tonto Dikeh and Ik Ogbonna

Maybe there’s an endgame to all of Tonto Dikeh’s recent moves. I mean, she did have a reality show with Linda Ikeji TV and now she also has her own YouTube channel  with over 25k subscribers which she is definitely monetizing. So maybe that’s it.

Tonto Dikeh is a smart woman, therefore, it feels that there’s an element of cold calculation to her recent outbursts, however, it does seem unfortunate that it had to be this way and that she is now more popular for her drama than for her actual talent.

But then again, maybe that’s exactly how she want’s it.

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