The Portrait ‘Christine’ By Ben Enwonwu Sells For $1.4 Million With The Help Of Google

Are you still underestimating the power of Google? This might change your perception.

The Christine Portrait is an amazing artwork that has been tagged a masterpiece given to Christine Elizabeth Davis as a gift from Ben Enwonwu in 1971. Once, it was showcased in Lagos state, Nigeria but was taken back to her family in Texas, US.

Not knowing the value and significance of the artwork, the family googled it and in the process, they found a platform called Sotheby’s Free Online Auction House. The painting which was valued at $200,000 3months ago, surprisingly was sold on Tuesday for $1.4 million in London, which is seven times the initial price.

Christine Elizabeth Davis was a hairstylist from West Indian descent. Ben Enwonwu had the drawing done and delivered in a week to Christine who unfortunately passed away in her mid-30s in Texas.

The portrait remained in the family who never really knew/saw the value of the painting until it was auctioned.

Ben Enwonwu was a Nigerian artist with 60 years of artistic experience. He has a very unique story to follow through. Born in Nigeria, he studied in the UK and became famous in both countries. He died in 1994 at the age of 77years.

Selling the Christine Portrait by her family has been life-changing for the family. The sale has shown that it is indeed a masterpiece by Ben Enwonwu.

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