The Old Age Challenge: Face App

Ever wanted to know how good or not so good looking you’d be when you get older? Either way, a particular application called #FaceApp is the rave of the moment and a lot of celebrities have been seen using the App to check out their future appearance. Some are quit appealing, while others, an apology….Lol!

This is not a new application but only became new due to it’s improved features. The application came into existence in January, 2017 by a Russian company, “The Wireless Lab”, which can be used transform a face to either look younger, older or change a person’s gender to another. Immediately it’s launch in January, it was available for IOS phones and became available for Android phones in February, 2017.

An application that didn’t gain much application that didn’t get it’s popularity/much recognition at the time of launch has now become a headline news on social media, where virtually everyone is using it to know how they will look in the future. It is an application u should be prepared to like what you see before usage because, it can be scary when the final image is out.

It is a fun application that most Nigerian celebrities and private individuals are all using at the moment and as of today got an increased amount of users which has in turn, made a huge return for the company.

The application can more just revealing one’s future photo, it can be used to put a smile on someone’s face, makes a person look younger and make one switch from his original sex to the opposite.

Let’s see some photos of those who have made use of this App!

How good do you think is app is? Terms and conditions applies for usage. It is available on both IOS and Android phones respectively.

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