The Journey Of Life Has Become So Clear – Samuel L Jackson On Tracing His Origin To Gabon

Samuel L. Jackson is an American, Hollywood veteran actor and filmmaker who has starred in a lot of movies and has recorded lots of success in his chosen career. Some of his work includes Django Unchained, A Time To Kill, Pulp Fiction, Unbreakable and lots more.

With all the success he has recorded and all he has achieved in his career, he seemed not satisfied in his life’s journey and set out to correct it so he can finally put that chapter to rest. This he did as he traced his origin back to an African Nation, Gabon and later discovered he is from a tribe called the Benga tribe in Gabon.

He was very excited about the discovery and finally, he travelled down there to reveal to the people there, that he is one of them. He met with the monarch ruling his people

and the President, Ali Bongo Ondimba and his Wife Sylvia Bongo Ondimba, of the country.

He took to his Instagram page to make this revelation with so much excitement attached to it, declaring to the world that, he now knows where he is from and proud to be amongst them! On meeting with the monarch, he revealed that his life’s journey is clearer to him now.

The post reads: “When you meet the king of the Benga, your ancestral tribe and he turns out to be your best friend Skeeter!!! When you’re on a journey of discovery and a life choice becomes clear!” While at it, he also got a Gabonese Passport

Gabon is a country located in West Africa. Bantu is a popular tribe of most blacks living in foreign countries.

Gabon is a West African country while the Bantu people speak Bantu language and have a hundred indigenous groups amongst them.

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