The Igbo Language Is Never Going To Die – Jason Njoku To Critics

Jason Njoku

A few days ago, iROKO TV founder, Jason Njoku – took to his Twitter page to reveal that his kids are currently learning French and will further take classes in Mandarin upon the completion of their French lessons. He further stated that since he cannot speak the Igbo language fluently, he is unperturbed by his kids ability to speak the language.

He tweeted;

My children are currently learning French. Mandarin will be up next.

I intend for them to develop this over the next 10 years.

They can’t speak Igbo (neither can I). Its okay. The world won’t shake from its foundations.

However, his opinion on his kids not being able to speak the Igbo language did not sit well with some Twitter users as many took to his comment section to criticize his decision to teach his kids French and Mandarin but ignore their mother tongue.

In spite of their criticism, the father-of-three has now taken to his Twitter page to reply his critics. In his reply, Jason disclosed that his life experiences shaped him to and made him unable to speak his native language.

He further revealed that he has never met his father and even when he moved to Owerri as a teenager for 4 years to mingle with his relatives and know his roots, those same cousins called him “a bastard everyday”.

He added that even though his kids don’t speak the Igbo language, they all go by native names. To cap his reply, Jason stated that the Igbo language will never go into extinction given that there are over 40 million people who speak the language.

Do you think Jason’s reasons for neglecting the Igbo language is justified? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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