The Bible Is A Great Work Of Fiction- Ikhide Ikheloa

A Nigerian writer Ikhide Ikheloa has given what could very well be the most unpopular opinion to trump all other unpopular opinions: The Bible is a lie.

The writer took to his Facebook to plead his case, stating that the bible is a book of fiction written to oppress women and is also very racist.

He claimed that Africans had their own religion before the White men came and that Africans are their own slaves.

Read his statement below:

Unpopular opinion: The bible is a great work of fiction, a tool of oppression created by feuding brothers to oppress women, children and the vulnerable. It is homophobic and racist and to the extent that white slave hunters prayed over captured warriors from West Africa with the bible before they were shipped off to be slaves, it boggles my mind that an African would look at that bible and not hiss in disgust. Their God looked away during the middle passage as millions of Africans perished during the slave trade. We had our own religion before the coming of the white man. What is wrong with us? We are our own slaves. Onugo of my people lives in me.

Open your eyes. Nonsense.

Good morning.

Ikhide Ikheloa is a prolific writer who has never been afraid to air his views, from the over wokeness of some Nigerians to freedom of sexuality.

Normally when someone writes ‘unpopular opinion’ most times, it actually isn’t but is just a way to get more eyeballs, but this was certainly an unpopular opinion as his comments were riddled with Nigerians incensed that he had come for their religion.

One commenter said: “When a drowning man is approaching the end, he desperately clings on anything available to stay afloat or sink with them. Same with the devil, he has deployed his servants in human form, to grab as much souls as possible, for consolation, because it will be more terrible to suffer alone.”

Another called him a fetishist, “a feitsh traditionalist, dont give ur life to christ an watch how u loose ur soul”

It created an interesting debate about religion and Christianity in the modern time. What do you think? Is he right?


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