Teni The Entertainer Talks To Vogue about shattering limitations

Teni the Entertainer is loud, bold and brash and that is exactly why Nigerians love her! She doesn’t conform to the traditional roles of society.

This is evident from her style (Fashion and otherwise) and her infectious nature has warmed her to everyone.

She took some time to speak to Vogue and there she spoke about herself, breaking expectations and generally being awesome.

Following the release of a video for her new song ‘Sugar Mummy’, Teni has spoken about what motivations were for the song, saying in her Vogue interview, “I want to make ‘Sugar Mummy’ a positive term,

“She is a woman with swag, who looks good, who is proud to be different.”

And she did have some insane swag in that video. She also spoke about her views on femininity and how she doesn’t believe in conformity.

“There’s an assumption that women have to look a certain way to be feminine, but I don’t want to conform to that stereotype,” she says. “My thing is this: You don’t get to decide how I choose to live my life. I’m being me—respect that.”

And we absolutely love Teni for being her.

She also spoke about her experiences with racism, stating that she has been asked some rather insulting questions.

“UGA, the university I went to, was mostly PWI—that’s short for a predominantly white institution,” she says. “I remember someone even asked me if I had elephants in my backyard, it was wild. The other students would look at me crazy when I showed up to class in traditional dress, too. But you know that’s who I am. That’s my culture. If you can wear your blue jeans, I can wear this.”

So far so good, she isn’t what you’d expect but that’s part of what makes her brilliant.

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