Tekno Defends Himself Over Lekki Toll Gate Strippers Saga

Nigerian musician Tekno has issued a rebuttal to the claim that he was dancing with semi-naked girls at the back of a see-through truck around Lekki.

Recall there was a viral video that featured some girls dancing at the back of a mobile advertising truck.

The video has caused a lot of outrage and also lost the ad agency responsible its license. There have also been people calling out Tekno himself for displaying such an obscene act to the public, including Belinda Effah who said that such a wanton display of obscenity was a means of mortgaging the future of our children.

Tekno has now apologized for the situation, but also explained that he was not in the company of the girls.

He issued a statement on his official Instagram account where he said: “I will like to clear the air about the situation of videos going around of girls in a truck dancing around Lekki or Victoria Island.

“First of all, there was no reason for us to be dancing in a truck around Lekki. There was no music and no ventilation in the truck. We were shooting a music video and we had a shortage of vehicles to convey people to the next location, because some of the cars broke down in between the shoot. We divided ourselves into various vehicles because we had been shooting all day and having fun, and we then moved to the next location.

“However, this was about 12am. This was no form of an advert for a strip club or dancing naked on the streets for any type of reason. In addition, we respect the decency of Lagos and as much as we are entertainers, we are always mindful of what we have and don’t jeopardise it. That’s why we enjoy shooting our videos in Lagos as we all know that it’s the centre of excellence and also the centre of entertainment.

“We sincerely apologise if some people saw this and felt offended by the scenery they saw, it was never intended.”


The police have now launched an investigation into the matter. It is unknown if any arrests will be made.

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