Teen Vogue Summit: Jackie Aina And Sharon Chuter Appointed As Speakers

Jackie Aina Teen Vogue Summit

Beauty vlogger, Jackie Aina and UOMA beauty founder, Sharon Chuter have both been confirmed as speakers at the 2019 edition of the Teen Vogue Summit.

The Teen Vogue Summit is an annual event geared at educating and nurturing the next generation of creators and innovators in the fashion space.

The event is set to hold on the 1st to 3rd of November, 2019.

Jackie Aina has been very vocal about inclusivity in the world of fashion and she was recently embroiled in a scandal involving fellow beauty creators Patrick Starr, Manny MUA, and Chelsie Worthy.

The scandal escalated to the point where Jackie felt that she had become the ‘punching bag’ of the beauty community.

Complaining about the situation, she said: “I’m not the security watch dog of social media and black women already carry enough weight 24/7.

“Stop asking me to comment on stuff that does not directly involve me especially if you do not follow me. From now on I speak when eye (sic) feel like it. Do not drag me into other youtubers mess no more. Don’t @ me. Don’t look for me. Just go back to ignoring me and my content like a lot of yall do for the rest of the year until you want me to drag someone for you. don’t take me talking about “waiting for auntie to speak.” You speak. Because yall really swear I want to be the voice of reason for everything but I really be trying to mind my business and yet here ppl come harassing me to comment on everything,”

She added that she was tired of the abuse, “And then I’m tired of being cussed out, belittled and disrespected after sticking my neck out for people who don’t give a damn about me. If you do not actively support my content or follow me don’t come looking for me when you want input. Leave me alone.”

Sharon Cuter on her part grew up in Nigeria and when she launched her UOMA beauty brand, she talked about the struggles of being a person of colour trying to find the right make up, “I grew up in Nigeria, so I was influenced by that standard of beauty. At the time we would use Talc powder or cakey looking powder for face products. These were the only base products available, so it’s interesting that you don’t even realize how bad they were or how inadequate they were for our complexion. It was all that was available, so no one really knew better. We all walked around with chalky skin”.

Jackie Aina was recently awarded Power Influencer of the Year by Glamour magazine.

You can check out the announcement video for the two women below.

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