Tee-Y Mix Receives Praise From New Wife

Nigerian producer Temitayo Ibitoye, otherwise known as Tee-Y Mix was lauded by his wife, Ivie hours after the two got married.

His new wife took to Instagram to praise her husband and said that he’s the sort of man that one prays for the holy spirit to provide for them.

This is the kind of man you only get by praying in the Holy Ghost.

She wrote:


There is no way I could have scripted my prayers in my understanding.


My husband. My king.


Oko mi

Olowo ori mi

Oluwa mi

Ade ori mi

Eni bi okan mi

Eni to Olorun Yan funmi

Ore mi 

Alabaro mi

Ayanfe mi

The two got married yesterday in a lavish ceremony that featured many friends and well wishers.

Tee-Y Mix is revered as on of the most successful Nigerian producers, he’s based in Abuja and in an interview with Vanguard, he claimed that music production is pretty lucrative in Nigeria and that he earns more than the average banker, “To be honest with you, if you are successful in what you do, naturally, other things will follow. There are people who live on things that you’d ordinarily think there is no money in but once you’re successful, you’ll get the dividends or returns. Again, there’s the packaging factor. Personally, I didn’t start doing music production because of the money or because I thought I could live off it. In comparing what music production yields in Nigeria to that of the Western world, we’re not there yet. You can raise a family on song production. I’m a producer. I earn more than most average bankers. The point is that for you to get to that level, you have to be successful. Besides, the industry is getting better.” he said.

Happy married life to the couple.


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