Tee Billz is Back on Social Media and He has A lot to Say.


Producer Teebillz is now scared of women and he wants the whole world to know it. Her’s shouting it from the rooftops, the valleys and the streams.

Teebillz, whose real name is Tunji Ibrahim Balogun, used to be married to Tiwa Savage before things went south…like really South. He attempted suicide after the breakdown in the relationship and it’s been a rocky road for a time.

Naturally, he feels he’s had a rather bad experience with women and now claims that he fears them.

In an Instagram post on his page, he put up a photo of himself in bed and staring at the camera with the caption: “How I look at dumb comments on my page!??‍♂️??? #DeleteAndBlock still looking #Zaddy?….. Still on that @nairamarley#WHYMe”

His comments were filled with thirsty responses and to many of them, Teebillz had this to say: “I am now scared of women”





In his post he also said that he is still on the Naira Marley issue. Recall that a little while ago, the producer threw shade at Ruggedman for the alleged hand he had in getting Naira Marley arrested.

Teebillz also said that while he doesn’t condone fraud, he believes it is the job of elders to talk to the younger ones and set them right. “May the grace of God be sufficient for the needs of this talented young man during his trials…… we all make mistakes and my personal take is that most of this young guys don’t know better and I feel it’s our obligation as the older ones to put them right instead of just calling them out on social media for unnecessary validation! DON’T CONDONE FRAUD OR IGNORANCE!!!” he said in a post.

Well, we hope Teebillz gets over his fear of women as unhealthy fear of the opposite sex can lead to apathy…that’s never good.

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