Teddy A Was In A Serious Relationship When I Met Him- BamBam

Former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, BamBam has revealed that her fiance, Teddy A, was in a serious relationship when they first met.

She said this on an interview with Saturday Beat where she also advised that people date their best friends so as to understand the boundaries of the relationship.

“It (engagement) is real. Just like every other thing, you would see it happen. I can’t start giving (wedding) dates” BamBam said.


“If you cannot make a best friend out of your intending partner, where you know their limits and their boundaries, then you are messed up really. I am blessed that Teddy is mature, not careless, and as public figures, we know how to manage situations that seem beyond our control” she added.

BamBam also spoke about how the relationship with Teddy A Was not planned and how where they are now is a function of fate, rather than a pre-planned design to end up together.

She even intimated that Teddy was in a serious relationship when they met and that the relationship was even a year old at the time.

She advised people going into the house not to go with thoughts of finding Mr. Right in there and that her case was an outlier rather than the norm.

“Fate happened to us. I can’t say it was pre-planned. He had a serious relationship that was one-year-old before I met him. He had a girlfriend he was serious with, so we did not plan to fall in love with each other. We did not know we would last this long.


“We had a very rare connection in the house. We both knew it but we kept telling ourselves ‘it’s just for the game’ but it was no game. So, I can’t predict what fate has designed. So, people should not go in there hoping to be a Teddy A and BamBam. I went to the house for a different purpose, but ended up getting Teddy as a bonus” she said.

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