TBoss Spotted At Abuja Diagnostic Center Heavily Pregnant


Former BBN housemate, TBoss, has on numerous occasions denied that she is pregnant, however, this may not be true as she was spotted recently.

Several photos that have made the rounds on social media show the former housemate sitting in a diagnostic center in Abuja with what looks like a bun in the oven.

The person who took the picture, a Facebook user by the name of Ebere Nkechinyere Ijeoma Ezeh, took to her page and told Tboss to stop insulting her followers and denying the fact that she’s pregnant.

TBoss Ebere

The reality star had taken to her social media earlier this year to discredit rumours that she was pregnant for Ubi Franklin, saying: “Let me just swear to you guys today, me and Ubi we have had nothing intimate when I say…we haven’t as much as kiss…never…no.

“I don’t think Ubi has ever fancied me like that,”




These photos show that while Ubi Franklin might not be the father, there does seem to be a father somewhere.

However, many people have come for the poster of the photos, berating her for not respecting the privacy of the reality star.

Most prominent amongst these was Daddy Freeze who took to his Instagram to comment on the matter stating: “She can’t mind her business. Must she announce her life because she is a celeb? Where did this entitled dingbat crawl out from.🙄”

There were those in the comments who maintained that his abuse of the poster was unnecessary and that it is due to the lack of privacy that celebrities are popular in the first place and that since she decided to become a celebrity, then she has no right to privacy.

Tboss is yet to respond to the pictures and has instead acted as if nothing has happened. What do you think: Are celebrities entitled to their privacy? Or is the life they’ve chosen a valid reason for them to not have anything hidden from the public.



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