Talk Show Host, Ellen DeGeneres Surprised Lesbian Couple After A Viral Tweet

On November 5th, a lesbian couple asked the talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, to attend their wedding after the parents of one of the pair disapproved of the wedding due to her sexuality.

Ellen got to know of the couple through a tweet from one of the pair, Austin, it reads;

“Hi, @chrissyteigen & @TheEllenShow!! My parents aren’t going to attend my wedding because they don’t like that I’m gay! I need someone to walk me down the aisle and someone else for a ‘father/daughter’ dance. Plz come, my fiancee and I would cry. #Shootingmyshot”Amazingly, the tweet was received positively from well-wishers who offered to attend the wedding in support of the union. It also garnered 100,000 Likes and 18,000 tweets.

That was not all, Ellen found out about the viral tweet, she invited them on her show that aired on Tuesday. Sadly, she won’t be attending the wedding but she made them happy and later advised them considering g the fact that she’s also gay.Ellen gifted the couple cardboard cut out of herself with moving hands with a tissue paper attached to it, she said it could be used to wipe their face.

Right after the first, a second surprise came. This time, it was a second proposal by Sarah Sulsenti proposing to Kate Austin live on the show.

The first proposal was done by Austin to Sarah in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower.Before the end, of the show, Ellen offered the couple some advice and urge them to stick to who they are even when family don’t seem to agree, lastly, she wished them well as they gear towards their union.

She said;

“For  Kate and for all the people out there, who are not accepted by their family, you are loved by so many people…

We love you for who you are exactly. For anybody struggling out there, just be proud of who you are and That you’re going to find a different family. Maybe that family will come around eventually but for now, you have this family.”

Kate Austin thanked DeGeneres for the privilege to meet her(Ellen) in person and appreciated her for the courage she had to reveal her sexuality to the world which set the pace for others like herself to follow because in, hat, she found the will to speak out.

“You paved the way for queer women and it’s the most inspiring thing.”

Austin added that her siblings are OK with her being Gay but her mother is not having it, that is the reason she won’t be attending the wedding.“I’ve been out for five years now. She said everything you could think of under the sun.”

Ellen told the couple that everyone needs love.



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