Take Your Eviction Like A Champ- Leo Dasilva Calls Out Evicted Tuoyo

Former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Leo Dasilva, has called out recently evicted using housemate Tuoyo after the latter insinuated that Tacha might be using juju (fetish power) to stay on the show

In an earlier interview with Linda Ikeji TV, Tuoyo had stated that Tacha was an arrogant individual and was certainly using extraordinary means to maintain her status on the show.


This statement really angered former housemate Leo Dasilva who took to his Twitter to express his disappointment with Tuoyo, rather advising him to take his eviction in good faith rather than trying to pin the blame on someone else.

He also advised him to use his time to build the platform he now has thanks show.

He said on Twitter: “I don’t get. Juju how? Nah this must be a joke. Can’t be real Nah. Mahn takes the eviction like a champ and builds on the platform you have. All these things aren’t necessary. Tacha will do the same as well when she’s out. You have a head start now, use it wisely.”

Leo Dasilva on Tuoyo

Tuoyo who has worked as a stripper had laid into Tacha claiming that while she thought she was confident, it was actually pride.

He had said in his interview with LITV, “Tacha is proud. She thinks she’s confident but she’s proud. When I first heard about the Juju stuff in the house, I gave a second thought to it. Her over-confidence makes me think that there might be something spiritual backing her up.

“For her to say, till the 99th she would still be at the big brother house. That means there is a backup. It might be financial, but I think it is spiritual. Something is really shaky there. Since she’s friend with Jaruma that sells spiritual items, I think 70% of me thinks she is using juju.”

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