Tacha’s Billboard Pulled Down In Owerri

The reality show has caused lots of problems for the housemates and the fans.

While many argue what the reality show is really all about and what message it passes out to an audience, fans of the show are totally intertwined with their favourites and support them any way they can.

Well, they have indeed taken this too far and it is ok if you disagree…As the show draws close to its end, fans of the reality show are using every necessary campaign strategy to ensure their favourite(s) win the prize. One of the methods is the erection of various billboards in different cities.

The self-acclaimed Porthacourt First Daughter, Tacha who have had the support of a large number of fans with huge support from wealthy celebrities was celebrated and campaigned for through a billboard post erected in Owerri, Imo State Capital.

Barely 24 hours after the billboard was set up, some fans that have been tagged as Fans of Mercy, destroyed the billboard and asked that the board be erected in Portharcourt where the contestant is from.

Still, on fans support for Tacha, a popular brand influencer have recently withdrawn her support for Tacha over death threat.

It is time they all realize it is just a game and the contestants will be fine after the show. So, this shenanigan has gone on for too long.


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