Tacha And Jaruma Stir Up Controversy As They Unfollowed Themselves On Instagram

A few days ago Jaruma Asked For Transparency From Tacha’s Management With Proof Of The Money That Has Been Sent So Far, unfortunately, that has turned out to be a bad idea.

The reality star once pleaded with her fans to tone down the insults thrown at her boyfriend over the mismanagement of the money donated for her by fans and reassured her followers that nothing like that happened.

That did not stop the accusations as the persons involved in the allegations, took it a step further by informing Jaruma what has been going on!

This seems to have Put a strain on the communication between Tacha and her mentor, Jaruma who fought tooth and nail for her stay in the reality show and both ladies unfollowed themselves on Instagram. Jaruma took it a step further as she deleted the video she made immediately Tacha was disqualified, promising her the sum of 50 million naira.

While that was going on, Bobrisky threw a subtle Shade at Jaruma for not fulfilling her promise to Tacha by showing off his own part of his promise of 500 thousand naira that he sent to Tacha and promised to make the payment Of the other half later in the day.

What could have caused a strain in their relationship???


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