T.I’s daughter, Deyjah Harris, Unfollows Family

Deyjah Harris

Deyjah Harris, the daughter of rapper TI, has unfollowed her family members including her father after his comments about her virginity.

Many can’t imagine what it feels like to be Deyjah Harris after being humiliated by her father who spoke about her virginity and the steps he takes to keep her ‘chaste’.

It is unclear when Deyjah unfollowed her family members, but it became apparent after her father’s declaration that he has her checked by a gynaecologist to make sure she hasn’t undertaken any sexual activity.

Deyjah Harris has said nothing publicly about her father’s statements but she has liked a number of posts attacking the rapper.

Deyjah Harris Instagram Deyjah Harris Instagram

TI suffered a lot of backlash online following the episode, with people up in arms that he would do something like that to his daughter.

Many were particularly upset as rumours swirled that TI’s 15-year-old son is sexually active while he still behaves this way with his 18-year-old daughter.

Like this tweet that said: “This man routinely checks his 18 year old daughter‘s virginity and apparently doesn’t care about his 15 year old son’s sexual activity(and he’s active oh) I am bothered by TI‘s hypocrisy. He jealously guards his daughter‘s virginity while he doesn’t care that his son is ruining another man’s daughter’s virginity. It’s sick.”

Another said: “TI feels comfortable with his 14 year old son have sex WITH SOMEONES DAUGHTER but takes issue with his adult daughter….okay…”

Some even called his behaviour borderline predatory, like this user who said: “A message for TI and the men who agree with him: you don’t own your daughter. Her sexuality is not yours to police. And your obsession with her sex life is pretty perverted, quite frankly.”

Check out more backlash against the rapper below.


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