Sylvester Stallone Charges £849 For Photo With Him At UK Events

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has attracted the ire of some fans after they were charged a whopping £849 to take pictures with him.

To put that in context, that’s about N400,000 to take a photo with a celebrity…let that sink in for a second.

The actor is involved in an event tagged ‘An Experience with Sylvester Stallone’ which involves an on-stage interview with the Rocky actor, a three-course meal and an auction of “bespoke memorabilia” from his films.

To get a photo with him though, which has been tagged as the “photo upgrade experience” will cost £849, a number which has scared a large number of fans.

The event will be limited to just 10 people and for that price, fans will get not just a photo with the Oscar winner, but also a signed frame and priority on the photo line.

There’s also the professional photo package that will allow two people to have a photo with Stallone for £745, this is for those whom the initial price is too steep for.

Fans reacted angrily with one even commenting  “It’s a shame you’d need to sell a kidney to go.”

There were others who called it ‘a disgrace’ and an act of greed to skint working class people of money just to take a photo with a person they idolize.

According to the Sun, the outfit that organized the event responded to the controversy stating that unfortunately, that was the cost of bringing a celebrity that big over to the UK.

“As with any business there are costs involved and this is the same for us as a company.” they said.

“When you take into consideration the costs to bring a celebrity of such status to the UK then you would understand why.

“As for the photos we are allowed only 150 from management so due to this, the exclusivity dictates the price.

“We work with A-list celebs and unfortunately quality costs. The same event with Arnold Schwarzenegger charges fans the same, while a selfie with Mel Gibson is cheaper at £650″

It doesn’t seem Sylvester Stallone is directly responsible for the high price and therefore should probably be exempted from criticism.


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