Spot the ring on Regina Daniel’s finger – She may be engaged to Ned Nwoko

Remember when Regina Daniels came out to cryptically to state that the rumours that she was married to billionaire Ned Nwoko were false?

We do, and looking through her photos we see a ring on her finger that indicates otherwise.

She was also spotted with the Billionaire at a function in which she was getting cosy with him and on her hand was what looks like a wedding ring.

Can you spot the ring?

The wedding was said to be a lowkey affair and while Ned Nwoko has not confirmed that he is married to the actress, he hasn’t denied it either.

A statement was released on the matter which reads: “Allamdulilai, Hon. Ned Nwoko is of royal blood and he is entitled to as many wives as he desires. He is no kid and knows what is best for him. Don’t forget that he is a devout Moslem and he is entitled to more than a wife. He would not want to comment on Regina Daniels currently,”

The situation has been a sore point for Nigerians and it has divided opinion with some people disgusted at the fact that she is married someone so old (Nwoko is 59) and there are suspicions that the relationship might have been going on since Regina Daniels was a minor.

Others on the other hand, believe that since she is of legal age and isn’t hurting anybody, then she should be allowed to live her life as she pleases.

If she is indeed married to Ned Nwoko, she will be his 6th wife.

As said earlier, pictures from her Instagram page seem to show her flaunting the ring, including pictures taken the same day as the one above.

You can look through some of them below and see for yourself.





So, what do you think?

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