South Africans Raise Awareness On Testicular Cancer With Humorous #FafChallenge


There’s a challenge for everything these days and while many a frankly meaningless, others are for a good cause. The #FafChallenge is one of those.

The South African rugby team is leading the charge in this regard and are stripping down to their underwear to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

The #FafChallenge was thrown open by Faf de Klerk who gained notoriety after stripping down to celebrate their historic win over England in the Rugby world cup.

The campaign request that men be “ballsy enough to check on their crown jewels”  for signs of testicular cancer.

The challenge has been a resounding success and has been embraced by a large swathe of men in the country.

Faf de Klerk kicked things off when he first challenged his fellow team mates to strip down. He posted a tweet where he said: “Be ballsy enough to check your balls! Testicular cancer is curable if caught and treated early enough! Check out for some important tip & tricks on how to up your ball skills!!”

He then wrote in a later tweet: “Challenging Siya, Jesse, and ALL OF YOU to get into your speedo & post a pic to help spread the word on this important cause!!”

The reaction to his tweet was positive with people proclaiming his their favourite ‘Springbok’, the name given to the South African Rugby national team.

Others were struck at what a happy and sometimes mischievous person he could be. One user commented: “I would to find out more about how you behaved during your primary and and high school, my sense is that you were very naughty happy scholar. I watched padding your opponents during the scrum and realized that you are very naughty still but better human being. Well done!!!!”

Check out more tweets of the challenge below:


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