Sonia Ogbonna Wants People To Stop Wishing For Reunion With IK

Sonia Morales

IK Ogbonna might be saying that he and his wife Sonia Ogbonna are not divorced, but from her stance, it pretty much seems that they are.

She hosted a question and answer session on her Instagram stories and there she fielded question from fans.

A lot of the fans seemed to want to know what is going on with IK and many more were in one way or the other asking for the two to get back together.

Responding to this, Sonia Ogbonna said that she really would prefer for people to stop asking questions about a reunion and she wondered why people couldn’t just wish her the best and move on.

Sonia Ogbonna

Also in the questioned she was asked about children and she claimed that she would love to have a daughter as she would love a chance to raise her as a confident queen who is self aware and able to stand for herself.

Sonia Ogbonna was also asked by one follower about IK and if they were together geographically as he had posted videos in which he was spending time with his son, Ace.

In response to this, Sonia said that she was in no way going to stand between IK and his son and that she is a drama free person who fully supports the two of them spending time together.

When one follower asked if she was looking forward to getting married again, she said that she had never really dreamed of getting married, insinuating that it was something that just happened and also suggesting that she’s not looking forward to hooking up with anyone in future.

Meanwhile, IK Ogbonna put out a post on his Instagram which was a message about how to avoid marital crisis. This seemed rather ironic looking at the current situation.

We hope that the best solution for both parties is reached.


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