Someone Leaned Over Beyonce To Talk To Jay-Z But Beyonce Wasn’t Having It

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce is normally a very well put together person, but it’s clear that when it comes to her man, she doesn’t take any prisoners.

A video surfaced on Instagram of Beyonce and Jay-Z at Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland where a lady on Beyonce’s left was talking to Jay-Z by leaning across Beyonce.

Her expression said it all that she was not pleased with what was going on and at the very end of the clip, she seemed to nudge the woman ever so slightly in an act of subtle aggression.

Now it’s scary enough when you have one of the most powerful women in the world irritated at you, it’s worse when you consider that this was also considered an act of aggression from Beyonce’s fanbase who call themselves ‘Beyhive’.

The fans found the woman and actually started leaving comments on her page with the bee emoji which is a universal sign that the Beyhive is coming for you.


This has brought about an argument in which some people find it amusing that the Beyhive is so dedicated to their queen Beyonce to go that far to find someone they believe has wronged her while others are alarmed as they believe such behaviour is online harassment for someone who hasn’t done anything legally or morally wrong.

Some people have also interpreted Beyonce’s response as simple irritation of someone distracting her while she just wants to enjoy the NBA game.

One Twitter user said: “She was probably tired of her leaning over her. She probably had been doing that for a while. She looks like the type that just wants to talk meanwhile they’re trying to enjoy the game”

Well, let’s hope the woman has learnt her lesson, she really wouldn’t want to get doxxed by the fanbase.


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