Skepta’s Bullet From A Gun Video Is A Must Watch And Here Is Why

Skepta, Bullet from a Gun

British Nigerian rapper Skepta released a new video for his song, ‘Bullet From a Gun’ to rave reviews and heightened anticipation for his upcoming album, ‘Ignorance is Bliss’

Skepta, who’s real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga, has been one of England’s more enduring rappers in an era of one hit wonders and temporary superstars.

The song is chuck full with meaning even though the visuals are very simple.

The video begins and ends with Skepta sitting on a bench at the train station with a baby stroller.

The song is moody and the lines are deep as he talks about failed relationships, growing up and moving forward.

All of this while a myriad of people come and go from the bench. Each individual is doing something different, from the single mom there to sit with her child to the couple who come to hold hands and make out, to the careless woman who forgets her bag and has it stolen.

Bullet from a Gun is a single from the rapper’s upcoming album, ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ which he announced on his Instagram, captioning the post: “NEW SKEPTA ALBUM #IGNORANCEisBLISS OUT MAY 31ST – Artwork shot by @haiimmanu @FLIRthank you Metallic mgmt for bringing my ideas to Life. Pre-order the album now. Link in my bio.”


Skepta spoke in an interview recently and there he revealed that what prompted him to make this album was the uninspiring stuff he’s been hearing around him. He called it ‘repetitive’ and he thought to make something different.

“I really wanted to refresh the game with like new sounds, new music”. he said

“I wanna make different sounds, that’s what used to make me want to listen to the whole Grime scene, you couldn’t hear one track that sounded the same.”

The album is just days away and if this single is anything to go by, Skepta’s new album is going to be fire!

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