Sjava Threatens Legal Action Against Lady Zamar Over Abuse Allegations


South African singer Sjava has released a short statement dealing with the allegations from Lady Zamar that he emotionally, verbally and sexually abused her.

The Zulu singer stated in a short Twitter post that he is considering legal action against Zamar.

He said on his Twitter: “I am aware of the false allegations relating to abuse & assault contained in tweets by Yamikani Banda (Lady Zamar) on 29 October 2019 and the media articles based on those allegations. On the advice of my legal advisors, I am pursuing the matter through formal legal channels.”

Lady Zamar had come out earlier to say that Sjava lied about being married and took advantage of her.

In a series of tweetes (many of them now deleted) the ‘Sharpshooter’ singer talked about her ordeal with Sjava

“I was abused ( verbally and once sexually) and used.. I was lied to and cheated on.. Did I know.. No. Did people tell me who knew?.. yes some.. got inboxes and calls ..Did I ask? Yes. Did people I knew know what kind of man he is? Yes. Did they protect him? His friends? Yes” she said in one post.

In another she said: “I’ve been saying… Your precious Zulu man is a liar and a cheater.. Cheers to every person that didn’t believe me when I told them that that n***** married.. coz in your face.. mxm y’all are exhausting.. now y’all wanna drag me coz I didn’t know?”

“Spent a whole two years fighting within myself.. asking myself how does it happen to me? Me? Yami.. a whole Lady Zamar? How do you become a victim when all you’ve ever wanted was love? How do you survive? How do you piece your life together again.. How do you?”


The allegations have caused a storm with some in support of Zamar and others on the side of Sjava. It remains to be seen what actually happened, but we are sure to get some updates soon.


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