Singer Suni sternly warns Nigerians as he narrowly escapes being killed by thunder


A Nigerian singer, Suni, took to his Social Media to narrate how he cheated death by electrocution and warn people to be careful about charging devices and rainstorms.

Suni told the story of how he was home and got electrocuted through his phone after a particularly nasty thunder strike.

He said: “How aware I am about how undeserving I am, of the life, the health, But God loves me regardless..

Because there is no other explanation how i survived something some would tag “Fatal” The rain last night came with a rumbling sky, Eye blinding lightning and ominous thunder strikes, i most times stumble upon posts warning about gadgets and the dangers of electrocution when used while connected to a power source, but ofcourse it falls on deaf ears, and so last night I did it again for the umpteenth time “Listening to music with an earpiece while charging my phone in a feeble attempt to shut out the very loud thunder rumble” Before the last one struck!!

“It sent a direct current into the house which blew the bulbs and electrocuted me through my phone!! I could feel my blood draining from my body, I couldn’t let go of the phone even with that vigorous vibration till i was thrown from where i sat which disconnected the phone and stopped what would have been.. With a swollen face, Blood shot eyes,Numb feeling in my mouth and a very sharp wincing sound in my ear, I AM ALIVE!!

“God Did it Again!!! #MoreThanGrateful?
“I Was Lucky!! So let me use this opportunity to tell everyone that makes these sort of mistakes like i used to, It’s Dangerous ⚠ ⚠ DISCONNECT YOUR DEVICES BEFORE USING, NO MATTER WHAT!!”

Suni has spoken! It would do us all well to listen to his advice

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