Simi Shares Reason Why Adekunle Gold Didn’t Want To Get Married To Her


Nigerian Singer Simi has always given off a ‘one of the guys’ vibe and she has in a new Instagram post claimed that husband Adekunle Gold might have been reluctant to marry her.

Of course we’re sure this was probably said in jest, but the singer claimed that the only reason she wanted to get married to Adekunle was so she could steal his clothes and not have to return them.

Simi also claimed that this was the reason for him to get jittery over getting married.

The singer, who also launched a music label recently, said this on a post on Instagram where she’s clearly wearing her hubby’s shirt o a pair of pink track pants and sunglasses.

She captioned it: “Only reason I got married was so I could wear all his clothes and never give them back. that’s the only reason he didn’t want to get married. so love is compromise. compromise is her having her way.”

The comments were filled with commenters expressing delight at the sentiment and quite a few (rightly) predicted that it would be picked up by news agencies and blogs with some sort of headline…


Simi had also earlier come for people who claim she doesn’t know how to dress, putting up a post and saying: “Simi can’t dress”… Shey daddy e lo’n ra so fun mi ni 😂… which is basically asking the trolls if it was their dads that bought the clothes for her.

There were still people in the comments who maintained that she isn’t exactly the greatest dresser in the world but that this in no way diminishes her talent, like this follower who commented: “No, but still doesn’t change the fact that you can’t dress. Doesn’t matter you’re still my fav artist from naija”

So would it be safe to write a headline that says ‘Simi reveals she only Married Adekunle Gold for his Clothes’? đŸ€”


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