Simi Asks If Women Should Stay With Their Folks Till Marriage


Nigerian singer Simi has been asking a number of rather questions on her Twitter timeline in the last couple of days, the gender equality stood out.

While Simi has also had conversations about Nigerian parenting and child abuse disguised as discipline, she also asked what her followers thought about the idea of a woman living with her parents till marriage even when they have the money to move out.

Simi herself is married to fellow singer Adekunle Gold and it doesn’t seem she stayed with her folks till marriage, however, the practise is still prevalent in Nigeria and girls moving out before marriage is a lot of times seen as an act of rebellion or a move towards promiscuity.

She took to Twitter and she tweeted: “Do you think it’s necessary for a woman to stay in her parent’s home until she’s married? Even if she can afford not to.”

Most of the responses seemed to support the idea that women should be able to do what they want before marriage and that if they have the money, they should be able to move out.

One of the comments also looked at certain scenarios like a woman who lives and works in a different state from her parents.

“It’s not a necessity. For example your parents live in Ib and you got a dream job offer in another state, you will have to leave. Then sometimes you might want your privacy before getting married.” said that follower.

Another follower was dismayed that this was a situation that is being debated in Nigeria even though the country should be more advanced than this, “It isn’t necessary whatsoever, I’m more worried that its almost 2020 and we are still debating issues like this in Nigeria.”

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