Signs That You Are With An Abusive Person – Toke Makinwa

Media Personality, Toke Makinwa, took some time to dish out to her followers the signs to look out for in an abusive relationship.

Toke Makinwa who was in a sticky relationship of her own, said that she had received a lot of emails from people who are in abusive relationships and therefore wanted to speak on it and shed more light on the situation.

She did this on her YouTube channel where she sat with a nice meal as she dished knowledge.

She spoke about 5 signs to look out for.



The first thing Toke spoke about was that women (and men) should be careful of any partner that’s too possessive. She stated that if your partner is one who is constantly acting jealous and possessive and is constantly monitoring your movements and communications, then that’s someone to look out for as a potential abuser.

Her second class of people that she warned against are those who have mood swings and who become easily irritated when in a bad mood. She gave an example of someone who comes back from work after a bad day and immediately starts criticizing the littlest things about his or her partner from the way they chew to the way they laugh.

The third set of people Toke Makinwa spoke of are those who try to cut their partner away from a support group or from friends. So if you have a partner that doesn’t want you relating with friends, then that’s a big red flag and the sign that you might be with an abuser.

The next class are those who have nasty tempers. So people who constantly raise their voice, throw things in an argument or display some other form of aggression, these are people that should be avoided by all means.

The final class Toke Makinwa spoke on are people who are bipolar in terms of their behaviour. People who oscillate between extremely angry to extremely emotional. She said that these people are potential abusers and should be escaped as soon as possible.

Toke does these vlogs from time to time where she gives general life advice and on this one, we definitely agree with her.

Stay safe out there folks!

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