Sia the Generous: Singer Picks Up The Tab For Grocery Shoppers


When people stood in line to pay for their groceries at Walmart, little did they know that all their stuff would be paid for by Sia.

The singer went into the store without her signature wig and claimed that her name was Cece and that she had just won the jackpot.

The video went viral on Twitter and other social media networks. Other people also shared random run-ins with the singer

“Went to tjmax today & this nice lady decided to pay for everyone’s stuff because she ‘won the lottery’… facebook just told my mother it was Sia i didn’t recognize her… & i blame the fact that she hid under that wig for so long [sic],” said one user

“I kept thanking her cause she was buying customers baskets full of items. And she did not once ask for any recognition,” Said another.

She has been commended for the gesture with many people grateful that nice celebrities still exist.

One said: “Popular American singer, Sia, bought an entire supremarket and told its owners not to collect money from anyone that purchased items from the Supermarket for that day. She did this to celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. Thoughtful woman!”Another said: “sia literally went to walmart and paid for peoples groceries, she didnt even tell them it was her but instead said her name was sisi and that she won a lottery. shes without a doubt the kindest person in all music industry and yall sleeping on her”


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