Shocking: A Nigerian Senator Caught On Camera Assaulting A Lady – Nigerians Demand Justice

The senator representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, known to be Nigeria’s youngest senator, Elisha Abbo has been called out to face the law when the footage of him assaulting a lady, sufficed. Featuring a sex store owner, the store owner’s friend and Senator Abbo.
The unfortunate incident happened on a Saturday, May 11, 2019 , when the senator came into the store alongside three young women to purchase sex toys.
That wasn’t the case anymore as further purchase was put on hold when one of the ladies brought in by the senator suddenly took ill.
The lady threw up in the store and happened to have done it multiple times, and that threw the senator of balance and blamed it on the air condition in the store and believing that, the air conditioner was contaminated.

The store owner who wasn’t satisfied with such comment, replied the senator , saying: ‘if the air conditioner was contaminated , others in the store would have taken ill.”

The senator who wasn’t too happy at her response, changed it totally for the store owner as both parties start exchanging words.

The policeman who walked in at the scene of the incident, and communicated to in Hausa made an attempt to arrest the victim after the senator reported that the store owner called him drunk and stupid. At that point, the store decided to call her father, narrating what was going on at her store, but was rather cut short when Senator Abbo asked her to stop the call because, he was still talking to her, which inturn, fell on deaf ears.

A man was seen coming behind the police officer making an attempt to collect the store owner’s phone. But this time, the store owner’s friend decided it was time to get involved by appealing to the man, asked him to take it easy.

The senator repeatedly slapped the store owner’s friend directly on the eyes, calling her stupid. Unknown to Mr Abbo at the time, that there was a CCTV camera in the store. The lady was reported to have gone for treatment with no form of assistance whatsoever from the senator.

At his realization on the CCTV footage of the incident, he returned to the store to ask for it and was told it wasn’t functioning. Unsatisfied about the response, he threatened to deal with them if the footage of the incident ever surface.

Unfortunately for him, it did surface and we can see the rate of power play in a Country called Nigeria.

After seeing the video, as it is out for public consumption, Nigerians are demanding that his party, PDP should suspend him for disciplinary measure to be taken. Celebrities like Kate Henshaw, Banks W amongst others, also joined in this movement, seeking persecution of the senator.

We hope the right thing will be done, so people could feel safe in her own country with fear of power play, using the above as a case study!!

News Source: Premium Times

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