Shatta Wale Reacts to Accusations of Domestic Violence

Shatta Wale

Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale has reacted to allegations from his ex-fiancee, Michy that he was physically violent with her.

According to Michy, the Ghanaian superstar smacked her on the very day he proposed to her.

She said this during an interview with EwithBecks, where she claimed that the romantic proposal by Shatta Wale at the Reign concert was just for show as he had earlier assaulted her.

Speaking during the interview, she said:

“You don’t propose to someone and then you torment them after. Right after the proposal, it got worse, it got unbearable, those are the only words I can use.

“I cannot leave my room today without saying a prayer or reading a verse in my bible. And I now understand when people say when you walk with God, you must walk in confidence”.

She has now found religion and is a Pastor. She claims that some of her experiences with Shatta Wale drew her closer to the creator, stating;“I have achieved quite a few goals, personal goals like getting closer to God.

“I just want to be very honest with myself because I did not know about the proposal on that day. Don’t be surprised if I become a pastor one day,”

As for Shatta Wale himself, he refuted her claims on Snapchat claiming that Michy was just looking for clout on the internet. He also advised girls to not leave their men on the strength of their friends’ advise as those ones might just be looking for an avenue to snatch said guy.

He said he’s focused on making money and that others should be like him and not waste their time on petty drama on the internet.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale


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