Seyi Reacts To The Tap On His Face By Teddy A For Getting Too Close To Bam Bam – Video

The newlyweds Bam Bam and Teddy A were part of the guests that visited the top five pepper housemates last night.

Biggie had a carnival set up for the housemates after the exist of Diane and it did cheer the housemates up because the surprise eviction threw them off.

The excited housemates welcomed their guests with hugs and smiles. Seyi being the host for the night, did everything possible to ensure their guests were all entertained the best way he could and teasing Bam Bam was one if it.

Teddy A was sitted right next to his wife, Bam Bam and they both laughed it off but, things took a different turn when it was time to take pictures.

The housemates and their guests took pictures in turns and when Bam Bam was ready for her’s, Seyi was standing at her back while Mike was by the side.

The jealous husband, Teddy A wouldn’t have that, as he tapped Seyi to move a little farther from his wife, which he eventually did.

When the merriment was all over, Seyi recounted what had happened to him and was seemingly pissed at Teddy A and called him “little insecure prick”.

The drama started online when Teddy A tweeted what Seyi said about him and people reacted calling the Tap on the face, a joke which Seyi took too far.

Do you think Seyi overreacted? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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