#SexForGrades- Betty Irabor Curse Lecturers

Writer, publisher and editor, Betty Irabor has laid into lecturers involved in the #SexForGrades scandal cursing them in the process.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Betty Irabor was appalled by some of the defences that some people were coming up with including being harassed themselves by girls in skimpy outfits.

Betty Irabor Instagram

She wrote in her caption:

I saw this on Facebook and I am sore vexed by people trying to justify rape, sexual harassment and all vile things that dehumanize women. I had read some posts which attempted to justify #sexforgrades by suggesting the victims asked for it by some inappropriateness of dressing and blah blah blah. I really can’t believe sane humans are trivializing this and blaming the victims; but then this is what freedom of expression is all about! At a time like this, it is sad that some people can still attempt to justify such misconduct perpetuated by lecturers. BOTTOM LINE.. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT. THIS THIS WARPED NARRATIVE THAT A WOMAM ASKED FOR IT BY WHAT SHE WORE OR SAID TO SEDUCE HER ASSAILANT MUST GO…WE ARE HAVING NONE OF IT…

While Betty Irabor has taken a stand, it seems the University of Ghana has too, stating that there is no evidence of the Ghanaian lecturer caught on camera in the documentary, gave marks for the sex he was soliciting.

In an interview with Citi news, the Chairperson of the anti-sexual harassment committee of the University of Ghana (UG), Dr Margaret Amoakohene said:“If you look at the transcript that they added, there is no evidence of sex for grade. I agree that the lecturers misbehaved and so you will discuss these as unacceptable behaviours that should be investigated but there was no indication of sex for grades. In one case, it was about the national service placement. Who needs grades at national service? She completed and she was looking for placement.

In the other case according to the transcript, the lady approached him [Prof. Gyampo] and said she wanted him to be a mentor. She actually confirmed she wasn’t his student but asked that he mentors her. So where is the grade involved in this? You are able to discuss grades and sex when you find a lecturer who is dating his own students, and either unnecessarily giving them grades that they don’t deserve or marking them down because they have refused your advances. But in the two cases that are cited, I don’t see sex for grades”

Professor Gyampo, in the clip released for the documentary, kept pestering a female student (undercover journalist) for a kiss when all she wanted was for him to be her mentor.

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