#SexForGrades: Africa Integras CEO, Andrea Pizziconi Accuses University Of Ghana VC Of Improper Conduct

Andrea Pizziconi

The Chief Executive Officer of Africa Integras, Andrea Pizziconi has hit out at the VC of the University of Ghana, Prof Ebenezer Oduro-Owusu for improper conduct.

Africa Integras, which is a company that invests in educational infrastructure, has an agreement with the University to build student accommodations and in the process of overseeing the process, Andrea Pizziconi said that she experienced some less than professional behavior from Oduro-Owusu.

She took to her social media to release a statement where she reacted to the #SexForGrades scandal and she said: “I have remained mostly quiet despite the battery of attacks by Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu on my dignity. I was advised not to make waves and definitely not to raise the #metoo flag if I wanted to put the project back on track, which I do. Now I feel compelled to speak up and draw a direct line between this sex scandal and our derailed project,”

Andrea Pizziconi Andrea Pizziconi Andrea Pizziconi

Andrea Pizziconi suffered some backlash with the VC claiming that he had never sexually harassed her and people saying she was lying and trying to use the situation as a PR move. She later clarified her statement on social media, stating that she never accused the VC of sexual harassment, but rather, inappropriate behaviour that had misogynist tendencies.

She said in another social media post: “Pls see my response to articles quoting the VC denying my earlier remarks on SM. To be clear, I never accused him of harassment.  Rather than chase me around a table, he refused to INVITE me to the table dismissing me instead as just a “pretty face”. Related issues, of course…”

This was followed by another statement where she explained the situation better.


“Surprised to see some media houses claiming I backtracked. Not so. I never used the word sexual harassment. They did. & I stand behind every sexist & derogatory remark he made to me & about me. #sexforgrades is rooted in the belief that women must sleep with someone to advance.” she added in another post.

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