#Sexforgrade – University Professors Caught On Tape Sexually Harassing Students

There is an uproar on social media as BBC Africa uncovers and confirm the sexual harassment stories by some lecturers who were secretly recorded sexually harassing students in tertiary institutions in two West African Countries Nigeria & Ghana.

Two universities lecturers were caught on tape harassing students who they thought were vulnerable and would succumb to their will as BBC Africa investigates.

The two lecturers who were the main focus of this investigation are Prof. Boniface Igbeneghu who is a pastor and lecturer at the University of Lagos popularly called UNILAG. And Dr Paul Kwame Butakor Gyampo who lectures at the College of Education, Ghana.

For over a year, BBC Africa Eye has been investigating #sexforgrades that has taken over the tertiary educational system both in Nigeria and beyond for more than a decade where the female students are the preys and lectures are the predators in this case.

#Sexforgrade has been made to look like a norm that should be accepted in universities which they use as a gateway for passing exams even when the students are intelligent enough to pass examinations on their own.

A journalist disguised herself as a 17-year-old seeking admission and went to Dr Boniface Igbeneghu at the University of Lagos for assistance. A harmless plea for assistance turned into a series of visits and unknown to the lecturer, he was being secretly recorded by the journalist and he went further requesting continuous visits from said student until he finally revealed that he wanted to have realations with her. He used a certain word “Cold Room Experience” to describe what lecturers at the University do to students and #sexforgrade used as the payment for a good grades.

While that investigation was ongoing in Nigeria, another Africa Eye team were on the ground in Ghana investigating Dr Paul Kwame who seems to be the most complained about by students on his continuous sexual escapade with students. While the investigation was ongoing, he asked that the journalist who posed as a student be his girlfriend and him as a side boyfriend, and he was secretly recorded.

These lecturers have been reported to the school authorities and even with video proof still denied all allegations. The school authorities are not taking things lightly and UNILAG has suspended and barred Dr Boniface Igbeneghu from all campus academic areas.

Prior to this eye opening investigation and exposure of these lecturers, there have been accusations and counter-accusations spanning more than a decade in tertiary institutions all over.

The female students have found it increasingly difficult to get comfortable in school and the most vulnerable ones are mostly the Newbies popularly called Jambites.

Why must a lecturer demand for sex before students can pass in school? We await the actions that will be taken by these institutions to eradicate this act completely from our school system.

Kudos to KiKi Mordi, the ladies that went undercover and the entire team who worked on this expose.

News Source – BBC Africa


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