Senator Elisha Abbo Has Been Granted Bail And Released From Police Detention

The case concerning,Senator Caught On Camera While assaulting A lady , the youngest Senator in Nigeria currently, who is representing Adamawa North Senatorial district, Elisha Abbo, for allegedly assaulting a Lady at an Adult toy shop in Abuja, is far from getting to the end.

Report of his apology, Senator Abbo Apologize to the victim , Nigerian women, mothers in general and to the church looked like, there was a greenish colour of hope heading his way.

Unfortunately, that is not happening anytime soon! Although, the Senate has set up a committee to investigate Seven Man Committee Has Been Set up the case in-house.

As at Yesterday, Senator Abbo presented himself to the Police for investigation into the case of assault leveled against him. He was later detailed for questioning.

According to reports reaching us this morning, Senator Abbo has been released on bail, after his detention from the Federal Capital Territory Police Command.

The report states that;

Senator Elisha Abbo has been released on Friday Morning, July 5th, on bail after a 24-hours detention at the FCT Police command.”

It was also reported that, he was denied bail after answering all questions asked by the Police, but later granted bail when the lady he physically assaulted was unavailable to testify because she was out of town, as at the time of his detention. Pending her availability, the Senator was granted bail.

The Senator had earlier said, he was at the adult toy shop because his sister was assaulted there.

Was the victim the one that assaulted his sister? Only the Senator can answer this! As I said said earlier, the case is far from over…because , the incident has raised public outrage, nationwide and beyond.

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