See Don Jazzy’s Reply To Lady Who Claimed She Is Pregnant For Him

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Don Jazzy has always been unafraid to engage with his social media followers and fans and has almost never been involved in any social media scandal.

So when a lady randomly declared that she was pregnant for the Mavin boss, he was quick to diffuse the situation.

The lady has posted in a comments section: “Rema, I’m pregnant for Don Jazzy”

The Mavin boss quickly asked if they had somehow hooked up or she perhaps picked his sperm off the floor or something.

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy has also somehow managed to stay away from any babymama drama and in an interview stated that as far as he knows, he has no kids outside.

In that interview, he’d stated: “I didn’t hear anything about having a child outside wedlock. I don’t have a child yet or maybe somebody has a child for me somewhere and they don’t want me to know about it but I don’t know why they won’t want me to know about such a thing.If anyone has a child for me, they should bring the child forward. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t have a child yet.”

And while Don Jazzy doesn’t have a babymama, he is very considerate to the people around who are pregnant as was evidenced by his reaction to Tiwa Savage’s pregnancy news.

The singer who is now with Universal Music Group, was reminiscing about her time with Mavin and she revealed how he had reacted when he found out she was pregnant, reassuring her and also disclosing that he had plans to help her sail through that period.

She said: ”When I got pregnant I was nervous to tell you so I decided to tell you at the airport when we were traveling for a show. I figured you couldn’t really say much in a public place ?? but then you told me you already knew and had already been thinking of a plan to keep my brand going while I took some time out. I was shocked because you weren’t phased by the news, you had already started making plans. I recorded the RED album while I was heavy and I would fall asleep during sessions and you and the whole team would crash in the studio right there with me till I woke up again and was ready to finish recording. There was nothing you would hear about me that ever made you mad, no outfit was too crazy, no headline was too controversial for you to handle no crazy outburst no nothing. If I said today wasn’t emotional for me I would be LYING. Please promise me that our relationship will never change. I only want to make you proud of me. Not every superhero has an S on their chest. You are my superhero DON DORO BUCCI. 7 years, 7 the number of perfection. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Mavin 4lif”

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