Scott Disick Warned his Girlfriend, Sofia Richie About The Need To Accept His Relationship With Kourtney Kardashian And His Children

Scott Disick and Sofia Ritchie

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were an item for over a decade and share 3 children together and the socialite has made sure that everyone respects that.

Scott and the Kardashians remain close and he remains a huge part of the life of the reality stars and his three kids: Mason, Reign and Penelope.

He’s also made this point clear to 20-year-old girlfriend, Sofia Ritchie and it is reported that their relationship works as well as it does because she understands this family dynamic and the need for Scott to keep it that way.

Scott Disick, 36, was reported to have told Sofia that she had to accept his closeness with Kourtney, and maybe the huge age gap helped get this message across.

According to Hollywoodlife,  “When Sofia signed up to be with ScottScott laid it all out there about his ex and the kids and the Kardashians and the way their dynamic works,

“They’re close. They’re eternally family and Sofia gets and respects that. It’s one of the many reasons Scott and Sofia work so well together.”

Things seem to be rosy with Sofia getting along well with the Kardashians too as was evidenced during Scott’s birthday party.

According to Hollywoodlife, this in particular makes Scott very, very happy, “He’s so happy that there’s no drama between Sofia and Kourtney,” the source explained.

“He has put in a lot of effort to get everyone to this good place, and now it’s to the point where everyone is on board and it just feels natural to everyone.

“Sofia also shares in Scott’s feelings about the way they’ve all handled being around each other.

“Sofia was more than happy to celebrate Scott’s birthday with Kourt and her family,” the source added.

“Sofia has been friends with Kylie since they were kids and she grew up around their family.”

So while people might have an issue with the 16 year age gap between Scott Disick and Sofia Ritchie, it seems that the relationship is going well…we hope it remains that way.

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